The Shield: America’s First Patriotic Comicbook Hero

Shield TPB coverThis is a trade published in 2002 that I bought awhile ago on sale (tpb sales are a problem because they stockpile beside my bed easily, BID). It collects the first Golden Age appearances of The Shield (Reprints Pep Comics #1-5 and Shield-Wizard Comics #1).  Art on the early stories is by Irv Novick, better known for his long run on The Flash during the 70s.

I have yet to read DC’s recent series with the Shield but what struck me as different from other later interpretations of the character I’ve read is the recklessness with which he fights crime and the pace of the stories.

In one story, he sets himself on fire to scare the bad guys. In another he leaps out of a plane and confesses that he’s too high to survive the drop.

The Wizard, another GA character with his own series, makes a few appearances not as a team up but to keep things moving. When the Shield needs to cross the country, Wizard is there with a plane! When Shield is stuck on a case, the Wizard shows up with a clue.

If you enjoy GA stories, you’ll enjoy this.

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