JLA: Heaven’s Ladder

JLA: Heaven's LadderI bought this for $5 at a Boxing week sale a few days ago. Original price: $15.50 Cdn. A 10 year old tabloid but it looks like it’s never been read. Until now.

A very good tale by Mark Waid as he takes the JLA (including The Atom and Steel) through their paces against aliens who have stolen the Earth along with several other planets familiar to regular DC readers (Chameleon Boy’s ancestors make a cameo, for example).

The artwork by Hitch & Neary is excellent.

But there is the feeling this could all have been better somehow. Hitch & Neary don’t always take advantage of the format and Waid could have spent a little more time streamlining the plot. For the JLA, this doesn’t move fast enough.

One thing I did really like was how Flash (Wally) was portrayed. He was smart and well developed. An easy target for Waid since he wrote the character’s own series for so long. This is the Flash character shown at his best.

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