Last Comic I Read: Avengers King Size Special #2

Avengers King-size Special 2A nun sold me this comic.

I was six years old and at a church bazaar, she sold me this comic plus a comic where Superman dies on page 2 and the rest of that comic deals with how criminals get his organs transplanted to themselves.

But this comic seemed a bargain because it obviously had more heroes in it for the money.

The story was one big fight. And two of the guys fighting were the same guy!

Where that particular comic is, is lost to history but I remembered the cover and two scenes.

One was Daredevil in a yellow costume. The other was a fight in a shipyard between Giantman and Goliath — both Henry Pym.

Recently, I discovered the comic for sale for $6 so I snapped it up.

People who complain that continuity is bad NOW and that DC is the worst offender, they haven’t read this issue.

A decent read but not worth $6.

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